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First my studio is by appointment only , and the only private studio in Dallas for one on one with the artist and private sessions, be it for you or a family experience, it is 24 hours as long as you book your time beforehand. now  about me: ok here I go first I  been creating for as long as  I  can remember like, i recall drawing vertical and horizontal lines on a napkin and drawing a different being in each square on the napkin I was 5 then, what became of that napkin I don't remember but I do remember creating it and ever since then I put pen to paper or canvas and even skin oh and i cant forget walls and that's why I have my own personal art studio to create what I feel, an expression of my life and what's around me and given this blessing from GOD I appreciate and am very thankful for all he has put in my life man, woman, good, bad, I am here for him and him alone to create what comes from inside be it my life or the world  and what lies ahead of me only he knows. I'm also a radio personality with a cameo appearance on the funny and informative MZNOW radio talk show, I'm known as JAIME THE TATTOO GUY I get to enjoy the people around me in the studio and we get laughs out of the studio life we share and I get to interview a few movie and show stars its a awesome experience  and I enjoy it very much big  thank you to GOD for that, but here also I am commissioned for art that people carry for ever and I am so grateful for them for it is there love for my work that keeps me busy and surviving, big shout out to all them on  here also I appreciate you all, and if you would like to book a day or time with me feel free to fill the contact form out or for quick response just text my number 214-438-7655 to set a date for your own private body art session  with me here at the studio I'm also available for private tattoo parties for one or more people in a clean and comfortable studio so book your day and time for those personal and private tattoo sessions for you and your friends/family to share in a experience that will last a lifetime. And also I love to create on walls so if you like graffiti  I am also available for that also just text me your preference be it canvas,walls,skin I'm your all around ARTIST well this was a bit about me and my art studio and if you want listen to me on the radio show thank you for your  time and may the FORCE be with us all.


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